Special FX Fickles. Heat Sensitive Nail Polish

17 Dec

PRL Product Review: Heat sensitive nail polish by FX Nailz

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting fashion & beauty trends and when I heard about colour changing polish I had to try!

There are a few brands out on the market who offer colour changing nail varnish that adjusts according to body/room temperature. I was a bit sceptical at how well it would work but excited none the less. Through my searching I came across FX Nailz a UK based company and decided to experiment with them, at £4.50 a bottle & free postage why not!

My Fuchsia to Cream Peach varnish took only a few days to arrive and I applied two coats of the FX Fickles polish over a coat of clear nail hardener. No top coat.

The results.

Just after painting

Colour transitionig. Warm=Cream/Peach Cool=Fuchsia

Colour fully changed with warm hands

Verdict: Love it. I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. The colour is quite light so works well as an everyday polish. The only down side would be the size of the bottle however it works a treat!


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