Cassie Ventura- King Of Hearts (Demo & Video Teaser)

3 Jan

Guess what! That girl with the very beautiful face (..but very basic voice) is planning a come back.

Cassie Ventura former Bad Boy records protégée slash fashion model has released a demo version of what could be her first single from her 2012 comeback album. Having shot to fame in 2005 with a few hot tracks ‘Me & U’ and ‘Official Girl’ Miss Ventura appeared to drop of the face of the music world to make use of her better talents, modelling. Having successfully bagged campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein to name a few it seems the music bug has bitten again. Kanye West on a recent DJ set in London previewed her new electro-pop single ‘King of Hearts’ exclusively and reports after were originally claiming it to be a track from Rihanna.

With pop princess RiRi owning the charts right now Cassie has to put in overtime to make a splash and from the looks of the video teaser..she means business!

What do you think, does Rihanna has to watch her crown?!


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