Blue Ivy Carter NYC Clothing Line

18 Jan


At only a few days old Blue Ivy Carter was titled the youngest person to chart in Billboard history from her debut on father Jay Z’s dedication track ‘Glory’ and now a clothing line?

Well not quite, unknown to the power couple some bright (but cheeky) spark has attempted to patented the name Blue Ivy Carter NYC just four days after the birth of Jay Z and Beyonces first child together. Joseph Mbeh who is said to be a former Phat Farm intern applied to register the trademark Blue Ivy Carter NYC as an infant, toddler & junior clothing brand. To support his claim Joseph had branded swing tags and prototype samples all at the ready.

Brave & smart move to try and blatantly exploit the birth of the most famous name in hip-hop but will he get away with it and even still will people buy into the name without the official backing? Don’t think so.

Blue Ivy Carter NYC prototye samples used to support Joseph Mbehs application



One Response to “Blue Ivy Carter NYC Clothing Line”

  1. tali January 19, 2012 at 3:39 PM #

    this is sooo cute!

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