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Crayola Nail Polish!

29 Jul

Crayola have launched a set of nail varnishes that will to take you back down memory lane with their classic crayon box packaging. Those days spent in class scribbling with every colour you could imagine until they snapped and when the hardest task was keeping within the lines. Those were the days..

The pack contains 8 mini bottles including solid, glitter and shimmery shades. The colour palette is young and fresh which I guess that’s the point being Crayola. Great shades to plaster those talons with if your jetting off somewhere nice and hot this summer.

Get your hands on a box from Fred Flare for $12.


Nail Art: Insipred by Nail Porn

11 May

Nail Porn x Tommy Guns Salon Press Launch

30 Apr

Last Tuesday saw the launch of the amazing new Tommy Guns salon in Regent St situated on the lower ground floor of newly opened Superdry. Teaming up with the Tommy Guns salon is a team of super nail artists, Nail Porn headed by Sophy Robson.

The press event was bursting at the seams as the turn out was amazing. Champagne and canapés floated around as nail artists, hair stylists and beauticians handed out complimentary services. Alongside the Tommy Guns grooming salon there will be nail art from Nail Porn and eyelash, brow and hair services. I having started training with Nail Porn was excited to see the next step of the Nail Porn empire take off. The evening was jammed packed with press, bloggers, fashionistas and celebs keen to see the hottest addition to Regent St. The salon has a theatre/museum feel with the art deco theme a world away from the Superdry store you walk through and that’s what makes it all the more amazing as you enter.

Nail Porn and Sophy Robson may be names some of you are not too familiar with but her influence and been wide spread and very influential. Having helped push out the classic square tip nail in favour of the ‘claw’ and painted nails for the likes of Henry Holland and Kanye West at London & Paris Fashion Week this salon is a great step in getting the brand out to the mainstream notoriety.

Click to enlarge

Sophy Robson creator of Nail Porn has created a special menu for the salon which features an array of cool and original designs. If you are a lover of nail art like myself make sure you drop by to the salon and get your nails porned!

Sophy Robson founder of Nail Porn

You can find the new Nail Porn salon at: Lower Ground Floor 103/113 Regent St, London, W1B 4HL

Also follow Nail Porn via: Twitter & Tumblr for the latest.

Love-ly <3

10 Feb

Its nearly THAT time of year..give your nails a treat ❤

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10 Jan

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Have A Good One!

25 Dec


Special FX Fickles. Heat Sensitive Nail Polish

17 Dec

PRL Product Review: Heat sensitive nail polish by FX Nailz

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting fashion & beauty trends and when I heard about colour changing polish I had to try!

There are a few brands out on the market who offer colour changing nail varnish that adjusts according to body/room temperature. I was a bit sceptical at how well it would work but excited none the less. Through my searching I came across FX Nailz a UK based company and decided to experiment with them, at £4.50 a bottle & free postage why not!

My Fuchsia to Cream Peach varnish took only a few days to arrive and I applied two coats of the FX Fickles polish over a coat of clear nail hardener. No top coat.

The results.

Just after painting

Colour transitionig. Warm=Cream/Peach Cool=Fuchsia

Colour fully changed with warm hands

Verdict: Love it. I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. The colour is quite light so works well as an everyday polish. The only down side would be the size of the bottle however it works a treat!

Fancy Fingers

25 Nov

I’ve always loved painting my nails & over the last month I’ve been getting a little creative with my talons and experimenting with DIY nail art. Below are a few of my creations I’ve replicated from various YouTube video tutorials.

Im currently thinking up something original of my own and if it turns out good enough expect a Pleats Rhymes & Life nail art tutorial v.soon!

What do you think?!





Nicki Minaj x OPI Nail Lacquer

28 Oct

Nicki Minaj is the latest celeb to team up with OPI and launch a line of sassy new nail colours. Nicki’s super nail colour line will consist of 6 lacquers all named after a hit track.

Pink Friday (signature bubble gum pink), Super Bass Shatter (purple shatter effect polish), Fly (aqua) , Metallic 4 Life (charcoal sparkle), Save Me (multi-tone glitter) & Did it on ‘em (lime).


Since Nicki burst on the scene she has built a following based not only on her music but her style so this new venture is no surprise. If the MAC Pink Friday lipstick is anything to go by, we can expect these to fly off the shelves in Jan!

Deadly Nail Art

26 Oct

It’s almost that time of the year where the ghosts & ghouls come out to play and if your game here’s some cool & simple DIY Halloween inspired nail art tutorials courtesy of Refinery29.



Have fun!


Images via: Refinery29

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