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Back On It Like Sonic!

11 Sep

Its been a while but guess what..Pleats, Rhymes & Life is making a come back.

Keep your eyes peeled for fashion, music and urban lifestyle posts like back in the day coming very soon.

But if you cant wait join us on Instagram we’ve been posting away like crazy.. Join the  hype!



Locked And Loaded!

18 May

Lately I’ve been having major dilemmas. I’ll find an AMAZING item of clothing that is very unlikely to be found on every other girl around town and 9 times out of10 its an international brand so the shipping is almost as expensive as the thing I want to buy. Argh!

These Machine Gun Stockings by Singapore based brand The Cult Label are a breath of fresh air since everyone and their mother started wearing the Henry Holland style stocking tights. Edgy and original.

I don’t usually share these cool finds with friends until I’ve bought it and worn it but this is unfortunately sold out (however a similar version is now available) and on top of that the ‘nude’ shade of the actual stockings could look really wrong on my brown skin tone so don’t want to risk it. But heck I can’t keep these to myself they are just too much!! I need these in my life somehow..fingers crossed they will be stocked in a light denier black or no doubt some brand will knock them off (most likely be Top Shop lol)

This is the first i’ve seen from The Cult Label and trawling through the stock I want or like every other thing. Definitely the place to cop a few things to jazz up your wardrobe and make a change from the usual UK high street finds.

What do you think of these.. Yay or Nay?!

That Sh*t Cray!

9 Feb


Using footage from their Watch the Throne tour here is the official video for Kanye West & Jay Z – N*ggas In Paris, directed by Yeezy himself!

..That sh*t CRAY!

18 Sep

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