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NEW Etsy Store: RePhlexx Designs

27 Apr

Hey guys

I decided to set up an Etsy store to sell some cool iPhone cases (& more). Studded iPhone cases are this seasons must have accessory and I am selling some unique cases that will set you apart from the crowd. Check it out. More items will be added soon =)


You can also view my clothing line via the RePhlexx Designs Facebook page




Love-ly <3

10 Feb

Its nearly THAT time of year..give your nails a treat ❤

Special FX Fickles. Heat Sensitive Nail Polish

17 Dec

PRL Product Review: Heat sensitive nail polish by FX Nailz

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting fashion & beauty trends and when I heard about colour changing polish I had to try!

There are a few brands out on the market who offer colour changing nail varnish that adjusts according to body/room temperature. I was a bit sceptical at how well it would work but excited none the less. Through my searching I came across FX Nailz a UK based company and decided to experiment with them, at £4.50 a bottle & free postage why not!

My Fuchsia to Cream Peach varnish took only a few days to arrive and I applied two coats of the FX Fickles polish over a coat of clear nail hardener. No top coat.

The results.

Just after painting

Colour transitionig. Warm=Cream/Peach Cool=Fuchsia

Colour fully changed with warm hands

Verdict: Love it. I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. The colour is quite light so works well as an everyday polish. The only down side would be the size of the bottle however it works a treat!

Fancy Fingers

25 Nov

I’ve always loved painting my nails & over the last month I’ve been getting a little creative with my talons and experimenting with DIY nail art. Below are a few of my creations I’ve replicated from various YouTube video tutorials.

Im currently thinking up something original of my own and if it turns out good enough expect a Pleats Rhymes & Life nail art tutorial v.soon!

What do you think?!





Deadly Nail Art

26 Oct

It’s almost that time of the year where the ghosts & ghouls come out to play and if your game here’s some cool & simple DIY Halloween inspired nail art tutorials courtesy of Refinery29.



Have fun!


Images via: Refinery29

A Lyrical Genius

9 Oct

Talented UK graphic designer Michael McCabe has managed to create a collection of eye popping portraits featuring an array of musicians ranging from Tupac to Amy Winehouse. The typography portraits were created using lyrics from the featured artists to create these iconic pieces.

Imagine one of these blown up on canvas..amazing!

Rihanna x Armani [Short Film]

7 Oct

As the new face of Armani Jeans Rihanna teamed up with director Steve Klein for this black and white short film. Seems like leather & denim is all you need!

Fashion Through The Eye of Light

16 Sep

Supernovae by Patrick Rochon is an amazing mix of visual and audio and this video keeps you drawn in for every last second.

Patrick Rochon describes himself as “A light painter. With photography, video and live performances.” Which he has been doing for the past 11 years. His latest piece started out initially as a fashion test shoot with just one make up artist which grew into a collaboration of 12 Canadian creatives ranging from motion designers to musicians.

Futuristic and striking, the still shots are captivating and the video even more so of a masterpiece.

Supernovae IS fashion, music and art sooo Pleats, Rhymes & Life don’t you think?!

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