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Speakerbox Launch Party

12 Apr

Last week I was lucky enough to have been invited to the brand launch party for UK label Speakerbox which is the brain child of 1Xtra DJ MistaJam.

The event was held at an intimate venue in South East London last Wednesday and showcased some great UK Bass acts and DJs old and new alike.

The night warmed up with banging R&B and Hip hop joints and progressed on to bass heavy Dubstep as the night heated up. Cable opened up the sets followed by DJ Swerve hosted by MC Koder. The crowds got lively as Jacob Plant took the stage with Majestic and of course by the time MistaJam himself took centre stage things were well and truly heated. Along side the cool soundtrack to the night enormous inflatable speakerboxes, smoke machines and flashing lights added the icing on the cake for the event. It was a successful night and showcased some exciting acts I will be looking forward to hearing from in 2012 and beyond.

Images courtesy of the Speakerbox Facebook page to see more click here.

Become a fan of Speakerbox on Facebook..I am!



MGK & Cassie Send Out Warning Shots [New Music]

21 Mar

Comparing himself to legends Jay Z & Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly has come out all guns blazing with this banger featuring Cassie.

Love it. Bang, bang! *Throws up gun fingers*

Drake x GQ: Exclusive Freestyle

21 Mar

On my list of best dressed males in hip hop (Or any sub genres for that matter) Drake would be somewhere near the bottom of the list but it seems the people at GQ HQ have seen past Drizzys awful styling and seen potential.

As you may or may not be aware but Drake was one of GQs Aprils three cover stars for the Style Bible edition. GQ magazine features Octobers very own in a very dapper ‘grown & sexy’ shoot which I have to say I think this is the best I’ve seen him look to date. The rap star is interviewed in the mag and speaks on everything from his relationship with his father to getting women. “The seconds after a man reaches climax, that’s like the realest moment of your life.”

Keeping true to his rapping roots Drake has dropped an exclusive freestyle for GQ on all those things he likes to talk about: girls, money, fame (you catch my drift) in one short minute. Enjoy.

New Video: Iggy Azalea – The Last Song

18 Jan

Last year was a good year for females in hip hop and 2012 looks to no different. Bringing something new to the game this year is Australian bombshell Iggy Azalea. Her lyrics take no prisoners and she is style is just as strong. Often compared to Kreyshawn for the obvious reasons of being a white female rapper but that’s where any similarity stops. I’d like to describe Iggy as, gritty but pretty.

Iggy slows it down in her latest track ‘The Last Song’ is about that special guy and I sneakily suspect she’s talking about her flame who’s also a newcomer to Hip-hop, A$AP Rocky. The video sees her rocking her trademark bum sweeping mane and effortless striking style.

Interesting fact: Iggy is co-owner of a weave company and says she’s too gangsta for Drake.

If you like what you hear, click to download her free mixtape Ignorant Art

New Music: B.O.B ft T.I & Coldplay – Never Lost

18 Dec

How Embarrassing!

24 Nov

If I see ANOTHER rapper in this H&M x Versace jacket I’m going to SCREEEEAAAM! I can never listen to another track by any of these men and keep a straight face when they claim to be ‘trend setters’ EVER AGAIN!

Deep breaths.. Count to 10…..Rant over 🙂

The New Style Justin Timberlake [New Video]

23 Oct

First Chris did it, Trey Songz tries it every now and then, Justin Bieber had a go and now JT is doing it!



Singers these days like to have fingers in every pie so what not Mr JT?! Joining forces with FreeSol a new group signed to Justins record label Tennman Records, we see Justin Timberlake like never before.

What do you think should JT stick to the swooning or will we be seeing him on a BET chypher anytime soon..? lol


Lupe Fiasco ft Ellie Goulding – Lightwork [New Music]

23 Oct

Lupe Fiasco has released the first track off his pending mixtape titled Friend of The People. The new track ‘Lightwork’ samples UK artist Ellie Goulding’s hit single ‘Lights’ and takes on an electronic Hip-hop vibe. Loving this track and looking forward to whats to come!



Mixtape due to drop in November.

Drake ft Nicki Minaj [New Music]

14 Oct


NEW MUSIC off Drakes pending album Take Care. For this track Drizzy has teamed up with Nicki Minaj to bring us, Make Me Proud. If you follow Drake on twitter and was wondering what he meant by “You might want to catch the end of Flex set on Hot 97 tonight…….NYC!!!!” last night, well this is what he was talking about!

What do you think?

Get Bizzi Hip Hop Tees

13 Oct

Looking for something different to add to your t-shirt game this autumn/winter? Well for all you R&B/Hip Hop lovers French label Get Bizzi Clothing has a nice line up for you!

Their latest collection features 11 cartoon strip like prints designed by Phoks which features the hottest names in Hip hop and R&B at the moment. There is no clear storyline but its left open for you to interpret with classic one liners from hit tracks.

Whether you’re part of the Rihanna Navy or rep for the Lakers these tees will brighten up any dull winter wardrobe. If you’re tired of seeing everyone in that same Ralph polo or Topman tee maybe its time to invest in some Parisian style!

To check out the full collection visit the Get Bizzi Clothing website.

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